No longer Prisoners of Our Own Minds

One afternoon while doing my errands. I realise that what I am at is not going as expected. So I take a moment of silence, not to pay tribute to that which is lost but rather to reflect on that which lies ahead.
For a moment I had to ask myself. Should I submit to be confined by my own thoughts that keep screaming at me at the back of my mind to the extent that I can literally feel the pain in the frontal lobe or for a moment Imagine that everything is gonna be ok.
At this moment it wakes to me that I mind be a prisoner in my own mind. And the ironic thing is that I have the key to lock myself inside or to open and set myself free. I keep asking myself though. If I have the keys to open for myself why I am still locked in.
After much thought I remembered the words that were constantly preached to me. The truth shall set you free. And he who the sons sets free is free indeed are the lines that kept resonating in my mind until they finally settled in my heart. That’s when it came to my mind that my h”ear”t is between my ears and what I hear transforms me from head to toe. Then shortly after that another phrase came to me mind. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. And then bingo I had the answer it was all before me in plain sight. It was the word of God.

You see, the entrance of his word brings light. Inside my mind is a prison that is dark, filled with a strong stench of sin. But the word of God is mighty and powerful sharper than any two edged sword.

All I need to do to fight off the soldiers on the guardpost is the say the word of God.

So I shout to the top of my voice that who the son sets free is free indeed. And I continue to declare to my self that I am no longer a slave to fear because I am a child of the most high God.

Before I conclude, do you know that most of us including me at some point in life before I got born again; are in a prison called p”reason”. Always wanting to reason out the promises of God. Because to the human mind they don’t seem to add up. But wait a minute. Nothing is impossible with God.

And guess what? I had an awesome end of the day because I came to the realization that I have the mind of Christ.

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